Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance

The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance is dedicated to playing a catalytic role in accelerating cures for cancer by enabling the pursuit of the most innovative and advanced cancer research and by facilitating collaborations between science and business.

Early-Stage Funding for Cancer Research

The Prize for young investigators provides early-stage funding opportunities to New York scientists with innovative ideas in cancer research. The program surrounding the Prize is a catalyst in bridging the gap between the academic scientific community and the business community.


2022 Prize Winners


July 25, 2022

EUREKALERT / THE ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY – Colorectal tumors are swarming with white blood cells, but whether these cells help or hinder the cancer is hotly debated. While some studies have shown that white blood cells heroically restrict tumor growth and combat colorectal cancer, equally compelling evidence casts the white blood cells as malignant co-conspirators—bolstering the tumor and helping it spread.

Now, new research clarifies the role of these intestinal white blood cells, known as 𝛄𝛅 T cells, in colorectal cancer. It turns out that the cells have a double-edged function: They rein in early-stage tumors but, as the disease progresses, undergo biochemical changes and switch sides, strengthening the tumor. The findings, published in Science, shed further light on the role of 𝛄𝛅 T cells in tumor growth, and may open new paths toward colorectal cancer therapies.

“𝛄𝛅 T cells that live in the gut act to prevent tumor formation,” says Bernardo Reis, a research associate in the laboratory of 2019 Pershing Square Sohn Prize – Mathers Foundation Fellow Daniel Mucida at The Rockefeller University. “But once tumors form, gut 𝛄𝛅 T cell populations change, enter the tumor, and promote tumor growth.”



June 8, 2022 

On Wednesday, June 8 the Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance held its 2022 Prize Dinner at Bar65 at the Rainbow Room in New York, awarding its 2022 Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research to seven early-career pioneers in cancer research in the greater New York City area.

The evening began with cocktails on the terrace, followed by a seated dinner. To start the dinner, Olivia Tournay Flatto, PhD, President of The Pershing Square Foundation and Co-founder and Executive Director of the Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance gave introductory remarks. The special guest speaker for the evening was Scientific Review Council Member Ali Brivanlou, PhD, Robert & Harriet Heilbrunn Professor at The Rockefeller University, who gave a fascinating presentation on his work with embryonic stem cells, the innovations in this space, and the ethical considerations, followed by a provocative and stimulating Q&A session. After the entrée, Scientific Review Council Member Dave Tuveson, MD, PhD, Roy J. Zuckerberg Professor of Cancer Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, introduced the seven Pershing Square Sohn Prize winners with a special video and welcomed The Pershing Square Foundation Co-Trustees William Ackman and Neri Oxman to lead the award ceremony.  Prize Advisory Board 2022 Chair Jim Rothman, PhD, Sterling Professor of Cell Biology and Professor of Chemistry at Yale School of Medicine, gave concluding remarks.


“The Pershing Square Foundation is proud to support scientific leaders in the fight against cancer.”

Bill Ackman, Co-Founder. The Pershing Square Foundation